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        Nand Hai CO.,LTD was found in May 1st, 1986, the original (Shan –Da CO.,LTD ). In, 2011, Nand Hai has acquisition of Sun Sheng Trading CO., LTD. Since President( Mr. Wang) believes man can conquer nature, he has no fear or hard-working during the time of electroplating technology in Taiwan is gradually maturing. President (Mr. Wang) still uphold the principle of reducing customer costs, customer services as the highest principle. Nand Hai CO.,LTD specializes in research technology, and its own brand which direct marketing to factories at low prices. . The company has advanced technology and quality assurance, product upgrades, from time to time reform and innovation, in order to be the global trend. In view of our professional competence, we will provide additional technical and field experience to ensure customers process and production. Cooperate with Nand Hai CO.,TLD , will be mutually benefit share, grow, and jointly great a win-win opportunity for sustainable development goals.

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